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Life Coaching


Gabriela Emamjomeh, M.Ed


University of Maryland, College Park, MD

M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction


UMBC, Catonsville, MD

B.A.  Psychology and Education 


Nosara Yoga Institute, Nosara, Costa Rica

Interdisciplinary Yoga/Vinyasa Based Teacher Training and Mindfulness Meditation - RYT200 


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland

Clinical Community Counseling Coursework (56 credit hours) 


English and Spanish

I help my clients to move beyond barriers and live abundantly.  If you're feeling stuck in a job, you're in the midst of a transition in life, relationship, experiencing a loss, dealing with health challenges, feeling stressed and struggling to manage that stress, my goal is to help you find your way back to wholeness and to reconnect with your authentic self. Often times, we stay in situations that are no longer meant for us because we fear the unknown.  My goal is to help my clients move beyond that fear. 


I spent 20 years in education working with children and adolescents as a teacher and an instructional leader, coaching other educators and students.  Early in my career I experienced several painful personal experiences.  After losing several loved ones who were close to me within a very short period of time, my health was ailing and I felt an emptiness I hadn't experienced before.  I poured my time and efforts into helping those around me but I needed to heal my body, mind and soul - and that meant courageously facing my grief head on.  I set out on a journey of self-discovery into the rainforest on the Guanacaste coast during rainy season in Costa Rica.  It was there that I spent the summer in an intensive yoga teacher training program.  What I learned has served me in the rest of my adventures thus give myself grace...self-compassion, and to find the good in even the darkest moments.  I returned to the U.S., back to my career, but I did my work with a new found energy.  I made many vital changes in my life that have brought me to where I am today.  I started my own family, left my career to raise my children, and now I help others create lasting change.  

Currently, I am scheduling appointments virtually via Zoom.  

Teenagers on Mobile phone
Love Yourself
Floating illuminated lotus lantern on a lake in Vietnam

Youth Coaching for Children and Adolescents

The transition from childhood to adulthood can be challenging for both teens and their families.  Mood swings, hormone imbalances, bodily changes and heartbreak all fuel this period of constant change.  Young people are learning who they are while trying to make others around them happy.  In Youth Coaching, teens can have a safe space in which to vent frustrations related to relationships, bullying, etc.  As a coach I do not stand in as a parent, teacher or friend.  I provide impartial, trustworthy support without judgment.  

Youth coaching is a great way to...

1.  build confidence

2.  Set and achieve goals

3. Manage Stress

4.  Discuss difficult issues

Grief Coaching

In grief coaching, I will assist you through your grief  journey and process by helping you to:

1.  discover the meaning of life after the death ofyour loved one

2.  identify life going forward

3.  begin to visualize the future without your loved one 

4.  discover challenges associated with your grief and move past them

5.  Re-focus on life’s goals and possibilities   

6.  Begin to find hope

7.  Identify your strengths to ultimately thrive in your new reality


Life Coaching

I want to help you visualize a new future for your life.  If you're feeling stuck and looking to move forward in a new way, life coaching is for you.  

Meaningful change occurs through accountability, with courage and in small steps.  I support my clients through their journey to:

1.  Find clarity around your vision

2.  Create achievable goals

3.  Increase motivation and confidence

4.  Identify and overcome barriers and limiting beliefs

5.  Develop a deeper sense of awareness within yourself

7.  Celebrate your growth and accomplishments

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